Ōmime (近江女), also known as Ochika, is a member of the Oniwabanshū who helps run the Aoiya. She assists Okina and serves as Makimachi Misao's caretaker. She wields a boomerang-type shuriken.

During the Juppongatana invasion of the Aoiya, Ōmime fought Iwanbō alongside the rest of the Oniwabanshū.

She is shown to have feelings towards Kenshin's master, Hiko Seijūrō. It is evident not only when Hiko shows off his skill on a fight against Fuji, but also when she went for a shopping trip with Kaoru, Megumi and the female members of the Oniwabanshū before the Kenshingumi's departure from Tokyo. There, she is seen praying along with the girls and her voice says: "I hope I will be able to see Hiko Seijūrō again".

She is voiced by Shizuka Okohira in the original Japanese version.

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