The Two Hitokiri is the twelfth chapter of the Rurouni Kenshin manga.


Kenshin reads and then rips to shreds a message from Jin-e telling him to be at the shrine in Chinshu forest at midnight.

In a clearing of Chinshu forest, Jin'e is conversing with Kaoru about how strong Kenshin is. He tells her that her kidnapping will make Kenshin angry, which will bring back his hitokiri nature and make the upcoming fight interesting.

That is when Kenshin arrives in the clearing and tells Jin-e that he can't allow Kaoru to be wrapped up in this. Noticing that Kenshin is speaking in his old manner, Jin-e declares that the legendary hitokiri is revived.

They start fighting and, after a few exchanges, Kenshin thinks that he has Jin-e figured out. The latter, however, proves to be a troublesome adversary and deeply wounds Kenshin. Stating that Kenshin is still far from his old Battōsai self, Jin-e decides to use his hypnotic power to make Kaoru slowly choke to death.

Predictably angered by this, Kenshin moves forward in the blink of an eye, using his sakabatō to break Jin-e's nose in the process. Noting that he couldn't notice the movement of Kenshin's sword, Jin-e declares that this is Hitokiri Battōsai.

Kenshin answers that the time for talk is over, and tells his enemy to approach so that he can kill him.


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