A Final Act Under the Moon is the fourteenth chapter of the Rurouni Kenshin manga.


Kenshin, sword raised, prepares to deliver the final blow to Jin-e, but he hesitates. This prompts Jin-e to ask him why, seeing as the only way to free Kaoru from his hypnosis and prevent her from choking is to kill him. Kenshin answers that he has no desire to kill his enemy, but will become the hitokiri once again to protect Kaoru.

Kenshin makes to strike Jin-e, but right before his blade reaches his enemy's forehead, Kaoru screams "no", and tells Kenshin not to go back to being the hitokiri. Horrified at the prospect of losing her dear wanderer to the man-slayer, she has broken Jin-e's hypnosis.

Kenshin, instantly going back to his gentle self, runs towards Kaoru and catches her as she falls. He tells her to wake up and asks her if she's ok; she answers that she is, and that Kenshin speaks like he usually does.

Jin-e, a wakizashi in his left hand, walks up to them both and expresses his surprise at Kaoru breaking his hypnosis, saying that he must have gotten soft. Kenshin tells Jin-e to give it up, to which the latter replies that there are still things to be settled.

Kenshin whirls around to fight, but Jin-e stabs himself in the chest and falls down on his back. He then reveals that the "things to be settled" were the loose ends (himself) that could be traced back to the politician who ordered the killings he executed.

Kenshin expresses surprise at this. Jin-e replies that he can't believe that Kenshin thought that the new era needed no man-slayers. He adds that he enjoyed this duel to the death with the battōsai, and that he will be looking from hell to see just how long Kenshin can hold on without reverting to his murderous nature. He then dies.

Kenshin tells Kaoru that they should go home, and that the rest can be left to the police. On their way back to the dōjō, Kaoru thanks Kenshin for saving her. The rurouni replies that he should be the one to thank her. She is perplexed by this, but Kenshin simply meant that she had saved him from totally reverting back to being the hitokiri.


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