Beauty on the Run is the fifteenth chapter of the Rurouni Kenshin manga.


In the Kamiya Dōjō, Kaoru is looking for Kenshin, who she cannot find. Yahiko tells her that he went to a gambling hall with Sanosuke.

In the gambling hall, Kenshin and Sano are playing dice. Elsewhere, a woman is being chased by thugs. Back at the gambling hall, Kenshin and Sano, still playing dice, learn that one of Sano's friends, who used to frequent this place, recently died of an opium overdose.

Shortly after, the pursued woman comes in running and asks for help against the thugs who are after her. Kenshin and Sano knock out the thugs, including a little dart-shooting man named Beshimi.

Two of Sano's friends get hurt in the scuffle; noticing the woman's aloofness, Sano grabs her, which makes opium packets fall out of her clothes. The packets are then grabbed by Kenshin who, just as Sano, recognizes them for what they are.


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