Megumi, Kanryū, and... is the sixteenth chapter of the Rurouni Kenshin manga.


Kenshin and Sano come back to the dōjō along with the young woman, Takani Megumi, who they saved at the gambling hall. In order to hide the truth about the opium affair from Kaoru, Sano makes up a story about Megumi being the payment of some guy who lost his possessions gambling. Kenshin goes along with the story and gets beaten up by Kaoru for it. The young woman disapproves, not only of the rurouni receiving a girl as payment, but also of the girl in question, especially when she starts flirting with Kenshin.

Sano then tries to make Megumi speak of the opium, but in vain. One of Sano's friend then comes running to the Dōjō, telling the fighter to come with him. Sano, Kenshin and Megumi all go, arriving at a ghastly scene: Kanryuu's men have been disposed of, their corpses laying in the street for all to see.

Within the large group of sight-seeing people, Kenshin spots Takeda Kanryū  and his employees, the group of ninjas that are after Megumi. That ninja group, the Oniwabanshū, then spots Kenshin as well. Kanryū comments that it is refreshing to dispose of the trash (his men who couldn't accomplish what he ordered them to do). Then, as Kenshin and Sano are trying to decipher who is the man standing next to Kanryū, Megumi informs them that he is the okashira (boss) of the Oniwabanshū. This makes Kenshin say that they are up against a crooked industrialist and an infamous ninja group, and that they cannot abandon Megumi now.


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