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Team Kenshin is the eighteenth chapter of the Rurouni Kenshin manga.


Hyottoko quickly resupplies his oil fuelage with the keg on his back. But an injured Sanosuke stands before him, ready the take the fire-breathing giant head on. An inescapable wave of fire is hurled out by Hyottoko, but Sanosuke darts straight through the flames and manages to pull the bag of oil that was hidden, literally inside of his opponent, through his mouth. With just one swift kick following, Sanosuke is declared the victor.

Beshimi, the scrawny man who had encountered Kenshin and Sanosuke at the gambling, cannot believe their strength. For him, it is unrealistic to defeat Hyottoko so easily. The defeat of his fellow Oniwa Banshuu comrade is blamed upon Megumi. Without concern of the intended goal, Beshimi flicks a rasenbyou at the direction of Kanryuu's golden goose. Just in the nick of time, Yahiko jumps in to take the hit of the poisoned spiral dart. Shortly thereafter, he collapses with dilated eyes.

Kenshin goes up into the trees and intends to strike Beshimi, but the target was evaded by the Kawarimi no jutusu, a deceiving skill which replaces an object with another object. The person who had rescued the runt of the Oniwa Banshuu group, wearing a frightening oni mask, stands face-to-face with Kenshin. The aura the masked man gives off is so fierce that even the greatest hitokiri of them all has to acknowledge his strength.


Chapter Notes[]