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I Can't See Him Losing is the one hundred ninety-eighth chapter of the Rurouni Kenshin manga.


Saitou's left-handed Gatotsu is pitted up against Yatsume's left handed claw. Saitou charges forward with his signature technique, but is defeated when Yatsume digs into the ground and creates a barrier from the earth below to protect him. As they pass by each other, it is Saitou who comes out with a gash on his side.

Yatsume calls the technique he revealed Dosha no Bouheki. He brags about how good it is until Saitou basically tells him to shut up. Once again, the Gatotsu is pitted up against the Dosha no Bouheki. This time, however, Saitou's sword hits the tip of Yatsume's claw, preventing him from causing an uprise in the earth. Yatsume fears not, but what he isn't aware of is that he had just been set up for the Gatotsu Zeroshiki.


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