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Inadequate Strategy is the one hundred ninety-ninth chapter of the Rurouni Kenshin manga.


Saitou executes the Gatotsu Zeroshiki penetrating Yatsume's left arm and gets stuck there. Even with the great pain in his claw arm, Yatsume manages to disappear from the scene and retreats to the Kamiya Dojo, where he finally makes use of the new weapons Enishi gave him, the Bandan Jiraihou, ceramic mineshells filled with gunpowder.

Yatsume reappears on the battlefield, though he touches the ground with his claw, creating an explosion of the earth. Saitou doesn't worry, even though bombs are going off all around him; he merely lights a cigarette and waits for the time to act. Yatsume is never seen until a massive explosion shakes the field. The bombs were used as a diversion for Yatsume to strike Saitou from above, but the plan had failed. Saitou had leapt up higher than Yatsume. With his arms held back so that he cannot defend himself from the impact, Yatsume is slammed down, face first, into the ground by Saitou as they go spiraling down.

The impact knocks out a few of Yatsume's teeth. Saitou removes his sword from Yatsume's arm, causing the "monster" to scream in pain. The former Shinsengumi captain positions his sword, ready to kill Yatsume but Kenshin holds Saitou back from doing anything rash, reminding him that he doesn't want deaths, be it friend or foe. Saitou sheathes his sword without much argument. Looking at the battered member of the Yatsume Clan, Kenshin tells Mumyoui that he can fight him one-on-one, if he would like to, without any interference when his wounds recover.

Now that all of his comrades were defeated, Enishi came down as promised. The true battle is only about to begin.


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