16th Year of Meiji ● Kamiya Dōjō is the first chapter of the Rurouni Kenshin: The Hokkaidō Arc manga.


In the eleventh year of the Meiji era, a swordsman calling himself a rurouni drifted through Tokyo. That man, burdened by the weight of the countless lives he had taken, laid down his blood-drenched sword and took up both a vow to never kill and a reverse-bladed sword, the sakabatō. And with the godspeed of his hiten mitsurugi style, he fought with countless enemies and archenemies to save the less fortunate. And now, five years later, the stage for his next saga lies to the north: Hokkaidō.

As the Kamiya Dōjō starts caring for new students, one of those students, Hasegawa Ashitarō, a former employee of Shishio Makoto, is put in danger by people with the same affiliation. Himura Kenshin has no choice but to intervene, both to save Ashitarō and to stop the young man's rampage against the police, who he feels are unjustly trying to arrest him. He is brought back to the dōjō along with the good-natured Kubota Asahi, herself an ex-member of Shishio's gang trying to leave her criminal past behind.

In their wake, the ex-employees of Shishio who attacked Ashitarō leave a picture in a sealed envelope. That picture is a photograph of Kamiya Kaoru's father, Kamiya Kojishiro, thought to have died in the Satsuma rebellion. Moreover, the picture is identified as having been taken in Hokkaidō. Thus, Kaoru and Kenshin are inevitably drawn to the northernmost portion of Japan, desiring to meet an elusive, yet important family member...


Chapter NotesEdit

  • The first three pages were originally released in color.
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