Rurouni in the City is the second chapter of the Rurouni Kenshin manga.


After the incident at the Kamiya dōjō was resolved, Himura Kenshin started living there alongside Kamiya Kaoru as she started running around trying to get her students back. However, not one of them came back, much to her dismay.

As Kaoru goes shopping with Kenshin in the streets of Tokyo, she comes across a carriage containing a man who asks her directions to the police station, which she gives him. When she turns around, she finds out that Kenshin has been cornered by the police for bearing a katana and thus violating the Meiji era's sword abolishment edict.

The police are joined by a special unit of sword-bearing police, specially permitted to carry those weapons, who brutally take over the scene and proceed to threaten Kenshin, Kaoru and the populace, which leads the rurouni to draw his reverse-blade sword.

Meanwhile, at the police station, Yamagata Aritomo hears about the ongoing incident from one of the policemen who was there. That policeman describes the appearance of the man who is currently beating up the sword-bearing police by himself, which reveals his identity to Yamagata.

Running to the scene of the still ongoing fight, Yamagata sees Kenshin finishing off the sword-bearing police, ending with their leader, Ujiki. This incident over, Yamagata tries to convince Kenshin to rejoin the ranks of the Ishin Shishi once more, but Kenshin refuses, underscoring the dangers of power abuse among the Shishi. Then, putting a hand on Kaoru's shoulder, he says that his sword allows him to protect the people around him.

Kenshin and Kaoru then go back to the Kamiya dōjō along with the articles they just bought.


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