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The Destined Duel is the two hundredth chapter of the Rurouni Kenshin manga.


While Enishi slowly lands, Chou is searching his mansion not too far away from the battlefield for something. He infiltrated pretty easily, but when he fails to uncover anything, Chou heads down into the basement, where he nearly vomits at the sight of Gein's work.

When Enishi lands, Gein struggles to get out of Iwanbou to watch the upcoming fight. Kenshin meets Enishi face-to-face on the field after words of encouragement from everyone, even Saitou. Enishi looks Kenshin straight in the eye and asks what he will be doing. Kenshin replies that he will fight to the best of his abilities, and while doing so, will try to find the answer for the crimes he's committed and the death of Tomoe. Enishi grins, figuring the Battousai would say that. The cruelest form of punishment has been thought up; the true meaning of Jinchuu will be made known in only a matter of time.


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