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The Clouded Darkness is the two hundred sixth chapter of the Rurouni Kenshin manga.


Kaoru is dragged away by Megumi to get as far away from Enishi as possible, while Sanosuke and Saitou prepare themselves to enter combat. Meanwhile, Kenshin continues to pound on Enishi. With a punch to the gut and a blow to the chin from the butt of the Sakabatou, Enishi is sent flying back into a wall. What baffles him is how Kenshin has so much strength, especially with the amount of blood lost.

Enishi gets to his feet, but is beaten down once again. He is hit in the gut with the Sakabatou's reversed blade, then knocked down to the ground when he is hit hard on the head. Kenshin raises his weapon high in preparation to knock Enishi out. Out of the blue, Kujiranami's hand gets a firm grasp on Kenshin's entire body and slams it straight into a wall. Enishi reclaims his spectacles and walks away with a smile, never knowing that his one time comrade would prove to be more useful than he thought.

Elsewhere, Kaoru just remembers that Yahiko was left behind. Megumi promises to go search for him, but she and Kaoru are suddenly separated by the smoke due to the change of wind direction. Kaoru frantically looks for Megumi till she sees a shadow appears from the smoke, but it's the person Kaoru least expected to meet up with. Tachi drawn, Enishi approaches Kaoru, saying he must take her victim for his Jinchuu.


Chapter Notes[]

The first three pages were originally released in color.