Anger is the 248th chapter of the Rurouni Kenshin manga. 


Kenshin uses Ryū Mei Sen, a secret technique of the Hiten Mitsurugi-ryū style, against Enishi. The move involves sheathing the sword at god-speed, resulting in a sonic boom, supposedly sounding like a Dragon howl. Due to Enishi's heightened senses whilst utilizing the Nerves of Insanity, the Ryū Mei Sen travels deep into his ear and impacts the canals that control his equilibrium. This essentially makes the Nerves of Insanity a double-edged blade, rather than an invincible technique.

Kenshin remarks that Enishi has tailored his entire fighting style and personality around attacking, meaning that when on
248 11

Enishi crushing his eardrum.

the offense he is nigh unstoppable but becomes weakened when forced to defend himself. Enishi then yells not to underestimate him before he crushes his left eardrum, screaming in the process. Aoshi believes it to be foolish as all he will gain from it is intense pain, but Saitō corrects him by pointing out that Enishi's spirit has completely taken over his body, meaning the pain has become unimportant for it hasn't been registered as important to his brain. However, Saitō does state that the playing field has been made equal due to the negative impact on Enishi's balance diminishing his attack power. Enishi charges at Kenshin once more, who narrowly avoids an attack that ends up splitting the waves of the sea. Kenshin repeats the futility of his attempts, stating that he won't be able to hit him again. Enishi retorts that it doesn't matter that he doesn't have or knows no defense, all he does and knows to do is attack. He says he has no need for defense as Kenshin had already stolen the one thing he had
248 16

Enishi explaining why he has no defense.

wanted to protect from him, and therefore he will kill him with his own two hands. He flips his sword and enters the stance for his ultimate attack, Kofuku Zettōsei. Kenshin agress that he had indeed stolen Tomoe from him and that he regrettably couldn't bring her back from the dead, but states that he at least needs to face his anger head-on. He sheathes his sword and enters the stance for Amakareru Ryū No Hirameki.
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