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Smile Once More is the two hundred fiftieth chapter of the Rurouni Kenshin manga.


The battle seemed over with Enishi's loss of his tachi. But not even the loss of his weapon is enough a drawback to stop Enishi in his attempt to kill Kenshin, who is already exhausted physically and mentally. However, before Enishi can reach his foe, Kenshin is shot in the right shoulder by Heishin, who somehow managed to get to his feet and armed with 2 massive 6-round revolvers. Driven mad that everybody forgot about him, an insane Heishin prepares to massacre everybody on the beach.

Heishin threatens to fire again, so Kaoru jumps in the way. No one can seem to move as Heishin slowly pushes down on the trigger. Yet, the most unexpected person happens to save the day. After looking at Kaoru and seeing the image of his sister when she had jumped in front of Kenshin ten years ago, Enishi slams Heishin into a tree. He thrusts his hand forward, ready to finish off his one time partner, but Kenshin stops his attempt.

Kenshin doesn't want to see any more deaths, even if it is the one of a man who tried to kill him just moments ago. He begs Enishi to stop adding to his crimes, before the smile of his sister disappears forever. The look in Enishi's eyes return to normal and Kenshin takes the time to thank him for saving Kaoru. Those words causes Enishi to break down to his knees, saying that he didn't want to protect anyone but Tomoe. Kenshin leaves Enishi be and finally heads over to Kaoru, where he falls into her arms with his usual "oro".

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Chapter Notes[]

  • Kenshin collapsing into Kaoru's arms in a warm embrace, similarly to how he held her during the "Firefly Farewell scene" when Kenshin left for Kyoto.
  • As Kenshin approaches Kaoru, she reflects that true atonement must begin with forgiveness. Whether or not a life like Kenshin's would be responded without retribution or forgiveness, all it comes to is acknowledgement to those sins and smile upfront.