The Fight Merchant is the second chapter of the Rurouni Kenshin: Restoration manga.

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As everyone start to draw lots, Kanryu wonder why they are doing this since they all should just gang up on him. Inui notices that he got eighteen and says that he is going last, while Gein says that he is thirteen and how he likes the number. Saito just throws his away while Udo breaks his. Sano is excited that he was able to go first, which Kanryu tells him to go kill the Battosai while thinking about how he will be free to do whatever he wants once Kenshin's out of the picture.

At the Kamiya Dojo, Kaoru, Kenshin, and Yahiko start to eat but notice that its disgusting. Kaoru wonder what went wrong since she prepared it exactly the way that Kenshin has taught her, which Yahiko is shocked that Kaoru has made it since all she knows how to make is rice balls. Kaoru says that she wants to cook like everybody else, which Yahiko says that Kaoru is just wasting her time. The two get into a fight, which Yahiko says that its gross that Kaoru is trying to act like a girl all of the sudden while Kaoru tells him to shut up. Kenshin says that Kaoru's exotic taste is unique it quite good, which Kaoru comments exotic taste while Yahiko says that its not. Kenshin quickly prepares another breakfast, which Yahiko and Kaoru comment about how good it is. Kaoru thinks about how Kenshin has continued to stay at the dojo for a week now, and thinks about how Kenshin was once the legendary battosai and how they found this out. Kenshin tells Yahiko to eat plenty and grow up to be a big man, which Yahiko wonders what he is talking about since Kenshin is a shorty like him. Kaoru wonder how long Kenshin will stay here and that she should be able to afford feeding the three of them for a while. Kenshin calls out to Kaoru, which Kaoru is shocked because she was in deep thought.

Kenshin asks if Kaoru is expecting any guests at the Dojo today, which Kaoru replies that she is not. Sano breaks through the front gate, which all three of them head out to check things. Sano apologizes for interrupting their breakfast but he is here to see somebody. Kaoru asks who he is, which Kenshin says that he is most likely sent by Takeda Kanryu. Kenshin comments about how the era may have changed, but the behavior of evil men does not. Kaoru wonders if Kenshin decided to stay her because he knew this would happen. Yahiko asks if Sano came here to kill them, which Sano says that funny but he has no business with women and children. Sano says that he is here for Kenshin, which back at the mansion, Kanryu wonders what is wrong with Sano since Sano attacked Kanryu while saying that he ain't a killer.

Sano introduces himself and says that the symbol for evil on his back is his calling card. Sano says that he is a fighting merchant and whether Kenshin lives or dies is a matter of luck. Sano says that he came to pick a fight with Kenshin, to find out who is stronger. Sano then attacks Kenshin, which Kenshin manages to parry the attack. Sano says that he is not done yet and attacks some more, which Sano is able to dodge them all. Kenshin then punches Sano which Yahiko says that Kenshin got him, but Kaoru says not yet since Sano is not that weak. Sano asks who Kenshin think he is and proclaims a swordsman's fist won't do anything to him. Sano asks why Kenshin has not drawn his sword yet, which Kenshin replies that Sano was sent here by Kanryu but Sano is not interested in Kaoru and Yahiko nor does he intend to bring harm to this dojo. Kenshin says that he has no reason to fight him, which Sano says that Kenshin won't accept his challenge and wonders what to do since this is a problem. Yahiko says that Sano is dumb, which Kaoru tells him to be quiet.

Sano takes off some bandages around his knuckles and says that Kenshin will have to protect himself if he is attacked. Sano tells Kenshin to take a look at this so that he knows that he means business and prepares to strike. Kaoru tells Kenshin to watch out since Sano is hiding a weapon or explosives, that destroyed the gate, but Sano says that its neither. Sano says that its the Futae no Kiwami and destroy the wall behind Kenshin. Sano says that he learned it from a fallen monk he had met in Shinosuwa a long time ago and that its the secret art of destruction. Kenshin manages to figure out how the technique works and explains it, which Sano says that Kenshin is the first person to ever figure out the secrets of his technique with just one look and comments about how Kenshin is truly the legendry battosai.

Sano says that he is begging Kenshin to accept his challenge, which Kenshin asks if Sano enjoys fighting that much. Sano says that he does since the world of fighting is simple. Sano explains that this new era the Ishin Shishi created is complicated and explains how he doesn't like it. Kenshin says that Sano's feelings are represented in the evil character on his back, which Sano says yes and that the evil character was turned upside down by the Meiji Government. Sano says that any of that doesn't matter now, and tells Kenshin to don't worry about who he is and just accepts his challenge. Sano tells Kenshin that if he wins, he will do one thing Kenshin want him to do, but if Kenshin wins, he will still do one thing that Kenshin wants him to do. Yahiko comments that Sano is stupid, which Kaoru tells him to shut up.

Kenshin thinks about what kind of man Sano is and agrees to accept Sano request. Kenshin warns Sano that he become a slightly different person when he draws his sword and can't hold anything back, which Sano says that that is fine since he won't want it any other way. Sano says that they should make it a fair fight, and the two attack. Sano thinks about how the Futae no Kiwami is capable of turning anything into dust the moment it is struck, and says that Kenshin's sword is his. Kenshin uses his Soryusen technique to stop Sano's technique, and defeats Sano. Yahiko says that Kenshin has won, which Kaoru thinks about how Kenshin was able to defeat the Futae no Kiwami.

Suddenly Udo appears and asks if Kenshin is going to finish Sano off. Kenshin notices Udo, which Udo looks at Kenshin and comments about how Kenshin don't take lives anymore. Udo says that besides a reason to fight, they will need to give him a reason to kill to. Udo leaves, which Yahiko and Kaoru wonders just what and who he was. Kenshin remembers who Udo is, while Kaoru wonders about the look that Kenshin has.

Later, Sano finishes eat and says that his right hand should be healed by tomorrow for sure now, which Kaoru says that Sano seems fine using chopsticks with that injured right hand of his. Sano meets with Kenshin and says that he will do one thing that Kenshin wants him to do as he promised. Sano says that he will do anything, but Kenshin says that that won't be necessary and that he has no intention of making Sano do anything he doesn't wish to do. Kenshin thinks about how crude and unrefined Sano is, but Sano is not a bad man taht has lost sight of how to use his strength. Kenshin says that there is just one thing, which Sano tells Kenshin to ask him anything. Kenshin says that he would like to see Sano use his strength to stop the bloodshed and cries of people instead of devoting it to street fighting. Kenshin says that Sano is strong, and that he knows that Sano can do it. Sano agrees to it and says that he will start off by helping Kenshin to protect this dojo. Kaoru and Yahiko are shocked that Sano is going to stay here. Sano says that he just need three square meals and a nap, which Kaoru says that he can't afford to feed the three of them and Yahiko says that this will go broke even without Kanryu's help.

Outside the gate, Saito is standing in front of the gate comments about how they are all fools.

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