Tokyo Samurai is the third chapter of the Rurouni Kenshin manga.


The day after the incident with the sword-bearing police, more than 15 people gather at the Kamiya dōjō, wanting to learn kenjutsu from Kenshin. However, Kenshin drives them away by saying that he will not take any student. This angers Kaoru, who had gotten up her hopes of saving her dōjō through those potential students.

Without any students, Kaoru has to walk to another dōjō to spar since Kenshin won't train with her. And so, as Kaoru and Kenshin are crossing a wooden bridge en route to that other dōjō, a kid bumps into Kenshin and attempts to steal his wallet. Kaoru prevents him from doing so, but Kenshin lets him have it anyway. This insults the kid, who throws the wallet back to its proprietor and runs away.

The kid sits on a waterfront, thinking about his current situation. A few Yakuza thugs come to collect his "earnings" for the month, but the kid, who they call Yahiko, tells them that he doesn't have any and that he won't work for them anymore. This prompts a brutal beating from the thugs.

Later, Kaoru spots Yahiko being dragged back to the Yakuza's hideout. Within, Yahiko is getting beaten up further and reprimanded for not apologizing for his previous words. Once of the Yakuza, manslayer Gasuke, insults Yahiko's dead parents, he becomes enraged and bites between Gasuke's legs, pulling on the latter's underwear. He protests vigorously against the thugs insulting his father and mother, and then Gasuke raises his sword, preparing to kill him.

However, before the manslayer can swing at Yahiko, Kenshin kicks in a door and knocks Gasuke to the floor. The latter stands back up to attack the intruder, but gets knocked up through the roof. Threatening the Yakuza's boss with violence, Kenshin gets him to release Yahiko into his care.

Kenshin and Yahiko then go back to the Kamiya dōjō, where Yahiko starts learning the Kamiya Kasshin-ryū from Kaoru.


Chapter NotesEdit

  • While the Viz publication refers to Yahiko as a "Samurai" in the title and within the chapter itself, Yahiko refers to himself using the term "Shizoku", which carries a slightly different connotation. A Shizoku refers to a class of warrior that belongs to a samurai family or to a person who would have been considered a samurai before the Meiji Restoration abolished the status.
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