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How to End a Fight is the thirtieth chapter of the Rurouni Kenshin: The Hokkaido Arc manga.


Ono says that Sano is not the kind of man who fits into the role of brawler and that Sano is still capable of growing much stronger. Ono also says that Sano is an Isshin Patriot of the revolution and that he knows that Sano has a deep hated for the Meiji Government. Ono proclaims that he is sure that Sano can work with them. Sano remember everything that happened while he was with the Sekihotai and how it all ended. Ono says that he knows Sano well, including the fact the Sano left to travel the world five years ago and how most of the info they have on them is listed in the Book of Warriors. Sano says that the Kenkaku Heiki has only looked at what's on the surface, and what he hate is the way they falsified and twisted their evil acts of violence so that the Imperialists and the Meiji Government would be placed on the throne of Justice. Sano proclaims that the Kenkaku Heiki is the same as the Meiji Government and that he would not join their side.

Ono activate his Seki Riki and attacks with his Splitting Axe Fist. Ono thinks about how he can't break the Futae no Kiwami with a cheap trick or technique, and decides to use his right hand instead since his left hand would be fully destroyed. Ono says that he will claim Sano's life, but notices that Sano is using a different version of the Futae no Kiwami. Sano uses the Futae no Kiwami: Senken to parry Ono's hand and land a blow on Ono. Ono realizes that his arm is broken and remember when he said that Sano can grow much stronger. Ono attacks with his right arm, but Sano assaults Ono with a barrage of punches. Sano then grabs Ono's head and headbutts him, which Ono falls to the ground.

Ono remember being with Kanzato at the end of the Boshin War. As he watches as the Goryokaku fortress is being assaulted, Ono talks with Kanzato inviting Hijikata into the Kenkaku Heiki which Kanzato replies that he did but Hijikata is not the kind of her to run away from a losing battle. kanzato start to explains the Goryokaku fortress, how preformance of the artillery has improved greatly, and the hopeless stupidity of this country. Kanzato tells Ono to remember that if they waster time, then this country will be savagely eaten alive and how this world is a cruel and merciless place.

Sano comments about how intense his technique was, when Ono prepares to attack from behind. Sano notices Ono and comments about how he looks like he is in some serious pain. Sano figures that it has more to do with the Seki Riki technqiue then the Futae no Kiwami, and comments about how the technique is not something that they can use more than once. Ono tells Sano to join the Kenkaku Heiki, which Sano says that Ono is still going on about that. Ono says that the world is a cruel and merciless place and if they don't do something about it, then this country will be eaten alive. Ono tells Sano that he has a duty to fight for this country, but not for the Meiji Government or the Kenkaku Heiki. Sano refuses and says that he doesn't want war or conflict, and just want to have a fun fight. Ono calls Sano a bastard, which Sano says that he know that this world is a cruel and merciless place since he has seen it with his own eyes. Sano says that he has seen the desperately poor in London, The natives driven out of their homelands by the american frontier, and the colonists in the southern hemisphere. Sano explains that he couldn't enjoy fighting around the world for five years and that fights are only fun when the world is at peace. Sano puts out his hand, and says that he doesn't like that way that the Kenkaku Heiki does things because those kind of tactics won't work against this cruel and merciless world. Sano sasy that he will make room for discussion, if they want to change their approach. As Ono is confused with his stance, Sano says that Ono talks about what the world is like but he doesn't know. Sano explains that this is called a handshake and its a world class way to end a fight.


Chapter Notes[]

  • Ono reveals that he knows that Sano was a member of the Sekihotai and that he should join the Kenkaku Heiki.
    • Sano explains that he doesn't hate the government but how the government falsified and twisted their evil acts.
    • Sano says that he won't join the Kenkaku Heiki since they are the same as the government.
  • Sano uses a new technique, Futea no Kiwami: Senken, to counter Ono attack.
  • Sano assaults Ono, which Ono is knocked unconscious.
    • While unconscious, Ono remembers when he was with Kanzato and watching the Battle of Hakodate.
    • Kanzato reveals that Hijikata refused to join the Kenkaku Heiki.
  • Ono gets back up and tells Sano to join the Kenkaku Heiki, which Sano refuses.
    • Ono wonders why, which Sano reveals what he say in the southern hemosphere, London, and the american frontier.
  • Sano decides to end the fight with a handshake.