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Defeated Kanryū is the thirty-first chapter of the Rurouni Kenshin: The Hokkaido Arc manga.


Sano sticks out his hand and says that its a hand shake, which he explains is a world class way to end a fight. Ono wonders if Sano is crazy since the battle is not over, but Sano is offer is right arm out so casually. Sano says that if the Kenkaku Heiki change how they do things and then they can talk it over, but if that doesn't work then this time he will beat Ono down with his left arm. Sano thinks about how his left fist is just a fist, and says that its gonna be tough on both of them but it can't be helped. Ono thinks about how Sano is able to grow quickly in the midst of battle and he can no longer overcome him, plus Sano's left fist may contain the Futae no Kiwami. Sano asks Ono to at least say something, since they don't want to keep bleeding and fall over like this. Ono says that he has lost and explains that blood loss will affect the results of the output of Seki Riki. Ono also says that its his lost since he wasn't able to take Sano down, even by activating Seki Riki twice and says that they should bring this fight to an end. As Ono goes to shake, but Sano says that Ono can shake with his hand like that which Ono apologizes.

Suddenly Ono is pierce through by Sasahagane and seriously injured. Shimonji says that seeing them two getting along like that, is making his sick. Shimonji attacks Shimonji with his Splitting Axe-fist, which Shimonji says that Ono is a reckless fool and cuts Ono's hand off. Shimonji says that its to bad that they won't be able to shake hands now. Sano says that Ono is Shimonji's comrade, which Shimonji explains that he is going to kill Ono so that he can't be interrogated as a prisoner of war. Shimonji also explains that its only natural for a weaponizes swordsman to be eliminated after being defeated by a non-swordsman, along with how Ono had trouble fighting after he activated Sekiriki twice. Shimonji makes his escape and says that he doesn't want to do something so trivial like bury the victor in the dark, so he will let Sano live for now. Sano says that Shimonji is running away, which Shimonji replies that he is retreat. Shimonji also sasy that the final stage of the experimental battle has activated and they are just going to wait to see how much damage it does to the city and people. Sano tells Shimonji to get down here and calls him a bastard, which Shimonji tells Sano to watch his tongue since he can still change his mind. Shimonji also says that he is sure that Sano would let him see the Futae no Kiwami and that he is looking forward to their next encounter. Sano tells Shimonji to wait, but Ono stop him and says that he doesn't want to fie in vain. Ono says that he won't last much longer, and he will tell him anything he wants to know.

At the Kenkaku Heiki's Otaru base, Honda finishes using all the pages in his book. Alan comments about how Honda and his technique is bad news, which Kanryu tells him to not freak out. Kanryu says that he know firsthand the weakness of a mass physical attack and that the weakness is running out of ammo, and that this is the moment he was waiting for. Kanryu lines up the shot and says that he won't take Honda's life since he needs it in writing. Kanryu takes the shot, but three pieces of paper block the shot. Honda explains how his battle style, Sho-riken, is a form of offense and defense. Alan examines the paper and notices that it is made of aluminum. Kanryu wonders what Aluminum, which Alan explains that its the latest metal put into practical use in the west and the its lighter than steal along with being easier to process. Honda says that Alan is well informed, and explains how they use aluminum. Alan thinks about how he just have to survive until Kenshin, and don't need to defeat Honda's technique.

Honda says that he heard Kanryu talk about a weakness, and reveals that he has two more books with him. Honda explains that carrying spare parts is the basic principal of weaponry, and that he is not some kind of moron like Kanryu. Honda tells Kanryu that Shimonji said to get rid of Kanryu but that order was given to Ono. Honda tells Kanryu to get on his knees and beg for forgiveness, and hand over all the money he made in Otaru then he will let Kanryu live. Honda explains that the merchant earns and the warrior spends, whic is the time honored way of handling money since the middle ages. Alan says that Honda is wrong and that the one that earns the moeny, get to decide for themselves how to spend it. Honda replies that there is not such thing. Alan proclaims that the Kenkaku Heiki's way won't make money the fairest and most equal thing in the word, and that he is going to earn his money and head towards the shining heart of modernization. Alan tells Kanryu to run, which Honda tells them to no struggle. Honda manages to destroy the boards the two were using to shield themselves, but notices that the two have entered the supplies tent. Alan exits the supplies tent with gun powder and says that Honda doesn't earn money but just takes it, and that he is not going to give Honda any thing.

Elsewhere, Kenshin arrives at the Katsunai river and wonders where Ashitaro, Alan, and Kanryu are at.


Chapter Notes[]

  • Sano offers Ono a handshake to end this fight.
    • Ono thinks about the kind of person Sano is and admits his defeat.
    • Ono explains how Seki Riki works and how he lost this fight.
  • Ono goes to shakes Sano's hand, but Shimonji arrives and wounds Ono.
    • Ono goes to attack Shimonji, but Shimonji easily cuts off Ono's hand.
  • Shimonji leaves and decides to left Sano live, since Sano had won the fight.
  • Sano goes to chase after Shimoji but Ono stop him.
    • Ono tells Sano that he will tell Sano anything before he dies.
  • At the Kenkaku's base camp, Takeda takes a shot at Honda but Honda's pages block the shot.
    • Alan figures out that the pages are made from Aluminum.
  • As Honda has run out of pages from his book, Honda then reveals that he has two more books.
  • Honda says that he will let Takeda live, if he begs and give him all the money he has.
    • Alan says that that won't happen and tells Takeda to run.
  • Alan and Takeda dodge Honda's next assault and make it to the supply tent.
    • Alan says that they won't give Honda a thing and pulls out some gunpowder.
  • Kenshin arrives at the Katsunai River, and wonder were the others are at.