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Have-Nots is the thirty-second chapter of the Rurouni Kenshin: The Hokkaido Arc manga.


Ashitaro defeats another soldier but notices that are even more of them, and comments about how he still hasn't eaten anything today. Suddenly the Sozo Brothers introduces themselves and says that they will face Ashitaro with the Yaminobu's dual technique, Cross Flesh Transformation. Ashitaro says that that is gross and that its a pain in the ass. Ashitaro says that they will do it and prepares to draw his sword, but Kenshin shows up and tells Ashitaro that he told him to not draw his sword. Kenshin then defeats the Sozo Brothers with his Ryukansen: Kogarashi. Kenshin apologizes for being late and asks where Alan and Kanryu are at.

Inside the base, Alan spreads that gun powder around which Honda wonders what Alan is doing. Alan explains that he got the idea when he found out that Honda's strange book was made of metal. Alan also says that when metal collides sharply, then spark will fly which Honda says no way. Alan thinks about how they just have to buy some time until Kenshin arrives, and asks what Honda will do against his shield of gunpowder and that aluminum he had release. Honda says that he will attacks, which shocks Alan. Honda asks why Alan is shocked, which Alan says that the gunpowder is gonna explode. Honda says that Alan was ready for this since he had set this up, which Alan tries to stop him. Honda uses his Shoku Doku technique to wound Alan with a single page. Alan notices that their was no sparks, which Honda says that Alan is a fool. Honda explains that Aluminum doesn't ignite and won't even burn unless its powdered, and that its impossible to ignite gunpowder with aluminum. Honda says that he was surprised that Alan knew about aluminum, but if he doesn't know what he is doing then he won't be able to use it. Honda says that Alan is halfway there with knowledge and halfway there with determination, and he actually thinks that he is going to earn money and head to the shining heart of modernization. Honda tells Alan to no do that, and that he will end up dead if he tries to hard. Honda also says that it should be enough to practice his little karate and survive. Honda then asks what Kanryu is going to do, which Kanryu exits the tent.

As Kenshin and Ashitaro enter to base, Kenshin asks why they didn't wait for his arrive which Ashitaro tells him to no be angry with them. Kenshin asks if Alan is alright, which he finds Kenryu on his knees and saying that they have lost. Kanryu apologizes and says that he will give Honda the money, and to spare his life. Honda sees Kenshin and says that he knows that he is of no match for him. Honda says that he doesn't want to fight Kenshin and tells Kenshin to pull his sword down, and take fifty steps back or else. Kenshin explains that Kanryu has not changed from five years ago, and explains that the power of money has always made Kanryu proud, that he always behaved in an arrogant manner, and that he always uses flattery when he can't talk with other, and that he tries to defend himself without any shame or respect.

Kenshin tells Alan that there is nothing wrong with wanting money, but don't he think of anything when he sees this. Kenshin also says that end of a moneygrubber, which Kanryu tells Kenshin to shut up. Kanryu says that they were poor since they were born and even in the Meiji era, they were still poor. Kanryu proclaims that its the times have changed, but poverty remains that same, then there is no other way to make to money. Kanryu asks if any of them have eaten porridge made of clay or have eaten a pot of weed, and explains that neither of them are edible without the saltiness from the tears in their eyes. Kanryu says that the hero of the restoration, the doctor's favorite daughter, and the genius heir of the Oniwaban won't understand, since they are all beautiful and will never understand. Kanryu explains not having Intellect, Physique, Good Looks, Virtue, Lineage, and Talent, and that the only way the have-nots, who were never given anything that could be called power, to become more that human is through money. Kanryu says that he is perfectly fine with being called a money grubber, but he rather be a true outcast who can't earn a dime then be saved by Kenshin. Kanryu says that even if he does wrong, is chained in a prison cell, have to shovel craps, as long as he lives, he will make money since making money is Kanryu Takeda.

Kenshin tells Kanryu that that is enough, while Honda says that their is no point in getting down on his knees when he has nothing to show for it. Alan notices that Kanryu's hands are not touching the ground, and realizes that Kanryu is pretending to surrender. Alan also remember Kanryu's hand position from when he talked about money and figures something out. Ashitaro notices Alan and asks if he is alright, which Alan tells him to draw his Mugenjin. Kenshin, Honda, and Kanryu are shocked at what Alan has just said. Alan thinks that he is ready to fight and ready to make money, and tells Ashitaro to draw out his sword with full force. Ashitaro tells Kenshin that he is supposed to listen to his comrades, which Kenshin tries to stop him but Ashitaro still draws his swords. Kanryu is shocked by this, while Alan prepares himself. Ashitaro then ignites the gunpowder in the area and sets off an explosion.


Chapter Notes[]

  • Ashitaro continues to fight the Yaminobu solder, when the Sozo brothers confront him.
    • Ashitaro is about to draw Mugenjin, when Kenshin arrives and defeated the Sozo brothers.
  • Alan scatters gunpowder to stop Honda from launches his aluminum pages.
    • Honda launches one of his pages and reveals that Aluminum doesn't ignite.
  • As Ashitaro and Kenshin arrives, Takeda get on his knees and says that they have lost.
    • Kenshin says that Takeda hasn't changed, which Takeda explains why he desires money so much.
  • Alan figures that Takeda is faking a surrender and tells Ashitaro to draw his sword.
    • Ashitaro draws his sword and causes an explosion.