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Farewell, My Beloved (さようなら、 (わたし) (さい) (あい) (ひと) Sayonara, Watashi no Saiai no Hito?) is the thirty-third chapter of the Rurouni Kenshin: The Hokkaido Arc manga.


As an explosion is set off, Kenshin manages to with stand it and comments about how this is terrible. Kanryu and Alan manage to survive by hiding under the tent. Kanryu says that that was messed and how they would be dead now if they didn't jump into the tent. Alan figures that this is nothing for Kenshin but worries about Ashitaro. Ashitaro is okay but wonders if Alan was trying to kill him. As Ashitaro calls Alan a bastard and wonders where he is, Kanryu says that Ashitaro look like he is okay while Alan says that Ashitaro is okay since he was soaked in water. Alan also says that Ashitaro was sturdy to begin with and that he has some strange affinity with his blade. Ashitaro finds his hat and puts in on, while wondering were Honda is. Honda manages to survive and is angry to them. Alan says that he doesn't know what to do, but he will not run away since he is the one that initiated this plan. Kanryu says that he will not retreat until he has reclaimed the name and crest of Gatou. Kanryu asks if their is anything that they can use, which the two start to search for anything to use. Kanryu says that he is not going to throw away the name and crest of Gatou for even a dime, but suddenly stops searching. Alan notices this and calls out to Kanryu. Kanryu asks Alan if he has ever eaten clay porridge or a pot of weeds, which Alan says that he hasn't and apologizes. Kanryu tells him to not apologize and that its better that way if Alan hasn't. Suddenly Kanryu notices a large crate and wonders about it. Alan says that he is pretty sure this was in the tent with the rifles and gunpowder. They wonders if it is some kind of weapon, and if it is cannon or something with its given size. The two look inside it, which Kanryu notices that inside it.

Honda wonders where Kanryu and Alan are, and tells them to come out since he will tear them to pieces. Honda notices a presence and figures that he has found them. Honda notices that he is being confronted by Kenshin, which Kenshin says that he will handle it from here. Kanryu says that he told Kenshin that he would rather die than be saved buy Kenshin. Kanryu and Alan tells Kenshin to get out of the way, which Kenshin notices what they are carying. Kanryu wonders if this is a trick of the gods, a whisper of the devil, a buddha's whim, or the lure of a demon, but says that its not and that its their destiny to be attracted to each other. Kanryu says that after five years, they are reunited in the farthest land and here they come. Kanryu and Alan reveal that they have brought a galting gun to take care of Honda. Honda says that that is an antique that was captured during the battle of Hokadate, but was stores away for its lack of use. Honda asks how can such an old model work against a weaponizes swordsman and fires multiple pages, which Kanryu is able to take care of all the pages with the gatling gun. Kenshin tells Kanryu to stop and hold his fire. Kanryu says that new or old is such a trivial thing.

Honda says that that is utter nonsense, and pulls how his last book and pen. Honda activates Seki Riki, and uses his Ran Doku technique to attack with both his books, which Kanryu says that the most important part is that he has a gatling gun in his arms and start shooting. The two fire at each other, until Kanryu runs out of bullets. Honda call Kanryu an idiot and says that the gatling gun's weakness is that it fires quickly and runs out of ammo to soon. Honda says that Kanryu made the same mistake like five years ago, and tells his to die. Kanryu calls out to Alan, which Alan takes this chance to refuel the Gatling gun with more ammo. Kanryu says that their is no more blind spots for him anymore and continues to fire, which Honda calls Kanryu a scum bag merchant and fires some more pages. Kanryu says that he will not take Honda life since he needs Honda to write that the Kenkaku Heiki borrowed the name and crest of Gatou. Kanryu says that Honda to be grateful that he is showing him mercy, which Honda calls out Kanryu's name. Kanryu manages to shot Honda and tells him to address him as lord Kanryu.

Kanryu and Alan are excited that the fight is over, while Kenshin is shocked by this. Alan is amazed about how powerful and exhilarating the Gatling gun is, which Kanryu says that he know what Alan means. Kanryu says that this is the power of destruction, and once you taste it, you can't get enough. Kenshin thinks that this is not good and heads towards Kanryu. Kanryu lets go of the gatling gun and says that they are illegal. Kanryu says that this is the last time and the end of the line, which shocks both Alan and Kenshin. Kenshin remembers what Kanryu told them back at the warehouse, which Kenshin realizes that Kanryu was serious. Kanryu thinks about how he has done all the dirty, nasty, illegal, and criminal things, and that he has risen from the ashes of have-nots. Kanryu remembers what he had eaten while he was poor and no matter how high one gets, they taste of clay porridge and pots of weeds will remain ingrained on their tongue and in their gut. Kanryu thinks about how they all know that there are some things that even the fairest and most equal money in the world cannot buy, but even so, he was eager to make move money in the hopes of becoming something more. Kanryu thinks about how he met the gatling gun on that day, and thinks about the power that gatling gun has. Kanryu also thinks about how for the first time in his line, he had tasted invincibility and for a brief moment it vividly stattered his inferiority complex. Kanryu thinks about how the gatling gun is still the best and that he is glad to have met it once again. Kanryu thinks about how they don't live in the same world anymore and that he can't stay with it any longer. Kanryu then thinks about how his feeling for it are engraved in the name and crest of Gatou Ringu, and that he will make a fresh start with his heart on his sleeve. Kanryu bids farewell to his beloved gatling gun and bows his head to it.


Chapter Notes[]

  • Alan and Takeda manage to take cover from the explosion.
    • Ashitaro and Honda get caught in the explosion and are alive, but angry.
    • Alan and Takeda discuss what to do next, until they find something.
  • Honda starts to search for Alan and Takeda, but runs into Kenshin.
    • Kenshin prepares to fight Honda, but Alan and Takeda show up with a Gatling Gun.
  • Honda continues his attack, but Takeda is able to take down all of Honda's papers.
  • Honda uses his Seki Riki technique, Ran Doku, but Takeda is able to counter it.
    • When Takeda runs out of bullets, Alan helps and reloads the gatling gun.
  • Takeda manages to defeat Honda, and decides to not kill Honda.
    • Takeda decides to stop using the Gatling Gun and bits it good bye.