Whereabouts of Justice (Part 1) is the third chapter of the Rurouni Kenshin: Restoration manga.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Saito is outside of the gate and calls Kenshin a fool for hiding out in a place like this. Saito then prepares for a sword thrust.

Back during their fight in Kyoto, Kenshin figures that Saito is going to use the Gatotsu technique and explains what the technique is capable of. Saito says that Kenshin seem to know all about the technique, and figures that Kenshin should know that the Gatotsu is impossible to escape at close range. As Saito charges, Kenshin says that they will see and lifts a corpse up to block the attack. Saito says the his tricks won't work and destroys the corpse.

Saito notices that Kenshin has disappeared and start to smoke. Kenshin appears and the two clash, which Saito's cigarette is cut. Saito lights another one, but the two clash again which Saito's cigarette is cut again. Saito says that Kenshin is going it on purpose, which Kenshin replies that he is swinging with everything he's got. Saito says that those are imported and only sold at a wholesaler in Edo called Akabeko, which Kenshin says that if he doesn't like it then graciously be killed.

Kenshin attacks with Ryushosen, but Saito catches the blade and diverts the attack while saying that that hurts. Saito then kicks Kenshin away and falls to the ground. Saito says that he knew that this wasn't going to be easy, while Kenshin comments about Aku-Soku-Zan. Saito hears this and is confused, which Kenshin says that he saw it inscribed on his sword and wonders if it is the Shinsengumi's motto. Saito is surprised that Kenshin was able to read it during all that action, and reveals that Aku-Soku-zan is the only justice that he believes in. Saito says that even through they are on different side, the one thing they share is that sense of justice and that is why they are crossing their swords. Kenshin says that Saito is wrong, and explains that his justice is not about slaying but is about protecting. Kenshin also says that he wants to protect the people and live with them in the new era, which Saito says that Kenshin is naive. Saito says that he would like to see Kenshin's face when that happens but knows that he never will. Kenshin says that Saito is right, which both say that the other is going to die right here and now. Kenshin attacks with Tensho Ryusen, while Saito attacks with Gatotsu Zeroshiki.

In the present, Saito decides to abandon his stance since knocking down this busted gate would be a sloppy way of renewing their battle. Saito says that before they fight, looks like he will have to see how Kenshin has changed and drops his cigarette.

The next day, Sano says that he fix the gate. Kaoru and Yahiko see Sano lifting the gate doors, and comment about how freakishly strong Sano is. Kenshin notices the cigarette on the ground, and asks Kaoru if their is a store named Akabeko in Tokyo. Kenshin thinks about the subtle presence that he felt last night and the cigarette butt her found, which Kaoru sees Kenshin's look and shivers.

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