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Resurrection of the Wolf is the forty-eighth chapter of the Rurouni Kenshin manga.


The chapter starts with a flashback of Kenshin's past, when he was fighting with his last enemy, Saitō Hajime of the Shinsengumi. Kaoru calls Kenshin, waking him up from his dream. The rurouni then proceeds to tell Kaoru and Yahiko about his past encounters with the Shinsengumi. Meanwhile, Sano meets a mysterious man introducing himself as Fujita Gorō.


Chapter Notes[]

  • On page 13, members of the Shinsengumi are shown to look just like the characters in the series that were based on them, with the exception of Saitō, the only character who wasn't renamed from the Shinsengemi character he was based on.
  • Every page was originally released in color.