Whereabout of Justice (Part 2) is the fourth chapter of the Rurouni Kenshin: Restoration manga.

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Kaoru brings Kenshin and the others to the Akabeko, which Kenshin is shocked that its not a general store. Kaoru explains that the Akabeko is a sukiyaki restaurant and explains that the Meiji Era has brought more stores that sell imported good, along with the views on eating beef has changed. Yahiko says that its the flavor of cultural enlightenment, while Sano says to treat him since he is good for it. Kaoru she that she knows and that is why they are all here, but wonders if Sano is good for it.

Suddenly Saito appears and comments about how he is surprised that Kenshin made it here using just his memory and what little clues he had. Saito says that Kenshin hasn't lost his intuiton, which Kenshin says that he knew it was Saito. Saito comments about how its been ten years and tells Kenshin to don't look so scary. Yahiko says that Saito look scary even when he is smiling, while Kaoru asks who Saito is. Kenshin tells her that their is no need to worry and that they are old acquaintances. Saito tells Kenshin that they have things to discuss, which Kenshin tells the others to go ahead and start without him. Saito and Kenshin then head off to another location.

Saito and Kenshin arrive at a temple, which Kenshin comments about how he didn't expect Saito to be a police officer. Saito replies that the Shinsengumi's original duty was public safety and what he is doing now isn't all that different. Kenshin asks what is it that Saito wants from him since he doubts that they actually have things to discuss, which Saito replies that he came across Kenshin while he was sniffing around Takeda Kanryu for a certain case. Saito says that he was surprised that Kenshin is a rurouni and figured that Kenshin would have started a new life with those he protected. Kenshin hears this and remembers what he told Saito back during the bakumetsu. Saito asks why Kenshin is a rurouni and says that he doesn't have any special insights but he can take a guess if Kenshin likes. Saito asks who Kenshin would spend the rest of his life with since Kenshin was always Hitokiri Battodai even among his allies. Saito says that Kenshin could go back home, but says that Kenshin has always been alone in this world.

Kenshin says that he has no home or family to return to, his master is alive but they didn't part on the best of terms and is basically excommunicated. Kenshin says that he will explain, rather than listening to more of his wild speculations. Kenshin explains why he swung his sword back them, but he had take many lives and also lost the person most important to him. Kenshin says that kept swinging his sword, until he realizes that his arms were drenched in blood and his feet stood in a pool of blood. Kenshin comments about how he could never find a place among the people who lived in happiness. Kenshin explains that he doesn't belong anywhere and that is the reason why he became a rurouni. Saito says that this is the reason why he said that Kenshin was naive. Saito says that wandering around with a fake smile isn't going to free him from the pool of blood he created.

Back at Akabeko, Sano asks if Kaoru is gonna eat which Kaoru replies that she will and to save her some. Sano says that their is nothing left and asks if they can order another five serving, which shocks Kaoru. Kaoru says that they can have three more servings, but he will have to pay if he wants more. Sano asks if Kaoru is worried about Kenshin, which Kaoru says that she is only worried as a fellow swordsman living in the Meiji Era. Sano says that Kenshin and Kaoru is not the same, and that those who lived during the Bakumatsu Era are different.

Sano asks if Kaoru has ever heard of the Sekihotai, which Kaoru says that they were fake imperial soldiers who committed crimes during the confusion of the Meiji Restoration. Sano makes an angry look, which Kaoru shivers from seeing it. Sano apologizes and explains that he used to be a page for the captain of those crooks, and describes the captain to her. Sano says that Saito and Udo are noticeably different from the other guys that Kanryu has assembled. Sano says that guys who have killed are clearly different from guys who haven't and says that he won't get involved. Saito tells Kenshin to be prepared to step back into a pool of blood and if he keep wielding that pathetic sakabato. Saito and Sano tell Kaoru and Kenshin that they will find themselves in a grave predicament.

Inside Akabeko, Yahiko wonders about this out of the loop feeling that he is getting. Yahiko decides to ignore it and asks for seconds. As waitress to get Yahiko seconds, right away. The waitress recognizes Yahiko, which Yahiko recognizes the waitress as Tsubame from the Sanjo family.

Back at Kanryu's mansion, number two through five decide to team up and take Battosai on together. Udo stops them and wonders if battosai will return to his former self by fighting these guys, but figures that Kenshin won't since these guys are losers who are no match for Kenshin. As one of them gets angry at Udo, but another calm him and suggests that Udo team up with them if he doesn't mind the reward being reduced to on-fifth. Udo cuts off his head, which the other three get angry. Udo says that the Battosai may win but he'll never kill them. Udo says that it'll only be a waste of time and decides to kill them. Udo kills the other three and places all of their head through his sword. Udo tells the other that they can attack Kenshin with numbers or force, and that may be reason enough for him to fight but no enough for him to kill. Udo says that what is needed is to trigger enough rage and hatred to blow away his logic and intelligence. Udo says that to awaken that in Kenshin, a sacrifice is required.

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