Face Off: Sagara Sanosuke is the sixth chapter of the Rurouni Kenshin manga.


The Hiruma brothers are getting impatient, as they have been waiting two weeks for Zanza to fight Kenshin. Zanza, catching them by surprise, reprimands them and tells them that he has been fighting, but that a fight doesn't start with kicks and punches.

He then goes to the Kamiya dōjō to fight his target. Once there, he meets Kenshin, Kaoru and Yahiko, and tells them that he went to Kyoto to learn about this newest adversary that he's been hired to fight; he divulges what little information he found. It's at that moment that Yahiko learns of Kenshin's identity as Hitokiri Battōsai.

Zanza declares his hate of the Ishin Shishi, and says that he wants to destroy the strongest of all of them, namely Kenshin, with all his heart. However, before he can start to attempt doing that, Kenshin detects the Hiruma brothers hiding behind a fence.

The brothers come out, being urged to do so by the two combatants. Then, Hiruma Kihei's concealed revolver, which he had planned to use once Kenshin would have dropped his guard following his battle with Zanza, is confiscated and destroyed by the latter.

All assembled then go to the river, where Zanza reveals both his actual name, Sagara Sanosuke, as well as an enormous sword, a zanbatō, that he's going to fight Kenshin with.

The pair then start their fight in earnest: Sanosuke attemps to crush Kenshin with his sword, but the latter dodges easily and slashes at Sano with the blunt edge of his sakabatō, knocking him to the ground. Sanosuke, however, stands back up unfazed and declares that the winner isn't always the better swordsman, but the one left standing. To this, Kenshin replies that Sano may say that after he is the one left standing.


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