The Light of the Meiji is the sixth chapter of the Rurouni Kenshin: Restoration manga.

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After leaving the Maekawa Dojo, Kaoru asks Kenshin opinion about what he thinks about art of the sword is like in the Meiji Era which Kenshin replies that it was more crowded and lively then he had expected. Kenshin also says that he had expected it to be a little more desolated like the Kamiya Dojo, which Kaoru tells him that they used to busy but it became like it is when her father passed away. Kaoru says that it's getting lively again, which Kenshin says that its funny that none of them are students but rather freeloaders there. Kaoru comments about how its irritating to hear that from an actual freeloader but she can't say anything back, which Kenshin apologizes. Kaoru wonders if Yahiko would become a student, which Kenshin replies that that is a great idea and that Yahiko might be interested since he is the child of a samurai after all.

As the two walks across a bridge, Kenshin comments about the gaslights which Kaoru asks if this is Kenshin's first time seeing them. Kenshin comments about how its unbelievably bright, which Kaoru replies that its truly the light of Meiji. Kenshin says that from lanterns to gaslight, a lot of things have changed in this new era. Kaoru says that it may sound like nonsense but she thinks the art of the sword is going to shift from polishing technique to seeking the way. Kaoru state that the Kamiya Kasshin-ryu, which her father developed, is a style that focuses on preserving life, with the time changing and if she can continue to keep it alive. Kenshin says that that sounds like a fine idea for her, which Kaoru also says that she thought that Kenshin. Kenshin tells her no, and that the shapes may have changed but both lanterns and gaslights provide illumination, but a bamboo sword used in a dojo and a real sword used in battle are crucially different. Kenshin explains that the sword is a weapon and that the art of the sword is the art of killing, which is the undeniable truth. Kenshin says that its a fact that the Hiten Mitsurugi-ryu is a style that takes lives with certainty, and most importantly changing his name will not change what he has done in the past.

At the Akabeko, Kanryu explains the Sanjo Family will go bankrupt and because the head of the family and his friends became gaurantors for each other's loans. Kanryu continues to explain that the friend will definitely lose everything at the end of the month and what's left of his debt will fall on the Sanjo Family. Kanryu says that within six months to a year, Tsubame will be sold off since Japanese women are in high demand due to the recent oriental boom and her doll-like look will be exported at a high price. As Yahiko gets angry, Kanryu tells him to calm down since he is only stating the facts and that getting angry at him won't change the situation. Kanryu says that he would like to propose a big opportunity for Yahiko, and says that he would like to purchase the Kamiya Dojo's business documents at three times the price of the Sanjo family's debt. Kanryu explains that he is in the middle of negotiating a very lucrative deal with somebody, and that he has to have the dojo property for it to go through. Kenaryu says that with the terrible incident recently, he did buy his freedom, but he can't take any risks outside how his mansion anymore. Kanryu tells Yahiko that he gets him that documents, he won't harm the people of the Dojo and that he would even compensate them if they even agree to leave quietly. Yahiko asks why he should believe someone like Kanryu, which Kanryu present Yahiko the contract and deposit for the deal and says that he is an unscrupulous merchant and not a crook. Kanryu then says that if its legitimate or not, he will honor the deal. Kanryu gets up and says that only money can solve this problem, since money is the ultimate power. Kanryu tells Yahiko to do what he has to do but not to reveal this to the troublesome hitokiri. Kanryu leave and tells Yahiko that he will have three days.

As Yahiko leaves, Tsubame asks if he is alright which Yahiko tells her that everything's fine. Yahiko asks for the check for his share, which Tsubame does and bid him farewell. While heading back to the Dojo, Yahiko feels frustrated.

The next day during breakfast, Kaoru comments about how she was surprised when she found that the Akabeko was closed when she went to pick up Yahiko and that he even came home alone late at night. Sano says that he was surprised that he had eaten a huge chunk of unsalted rice with no filling instead of a rice ball last night. Kenshin says that breakfast is the leftovers from last night which Sano says that he couldn't eat it all, which Kaoru says that she has prepares some fillings, salt, and seaweed and tells them to add whatever they want. Kenshin notices that something is wrong with Yahiko asks him if their is anything wrong and if it is that bad, which Sano says that it actually has no flavor which Kaoru tells his that enough already. Kaoru says that they should twist the subject, which Kenshin says that its change the subject and Sano says that Kaoru true thoughts have been revealed. Kaoru gets angry at the two and chases the two away. Suddenly Kaoru remembers something and asks if Yahiko wants to study the sword and become a student of the Kamiya Kasshin-ryu. Sano says that that is not a bad idea, which Kenshin asks what Yahiko will do. Yahiko remembers what Tsubame comments about how Yahiko is still chasing his dream, which Yahiko asks how much money can you make by swinging a stick around and runs off. Kaoru laughs it off and says that maybe that was to sudden, and that she had failed to recruit him. Sano tells her to don't worry about it, while Kenshin has a concerned look on his face.

Late at night, Yahiko is searching of the property documents when he suddenly feels a presence behind him. Yahiko looks but notices that no one is their.

The next day, Kaoru thinks about how she has to give lessons at the Maekawa Dojo but also thinks about what Yahiko and Kenshin had told her about the sword. Later, Kenshin is looking for Kaoru which Sano asks what the matter since Kaoru is not here, which Kenshin reveals that its almost time for her lesson and that she's nowhere to be found. Kenshin figures that Kaoru has left by herself and asks Sano, which Sano says that he will watch over the dojo. Suddenly Kanryu appears and says that they don't mind if he comes right through the front gate. As Kenshin gets serious and Sano says that Kanryu has got some nerve. Kanryu says that he says no to violence and asks of they are going to attack an unarmed man. Kanryu tells Kenshin that they are in the Meiji Era, which Kenshin asks what Kanryu wants. Kanryu says that he has no business with Kenshin, and even tells Kenshin to he is afraid of him and to keep his distance.

Kanryu says that that he came to get an answer to his proposal and turns his attention to Yahiko. As Yahiko holds up the property document, Kanryu thanks Yahiko for making a smart decision and how Yahiko is not like Kenshin and Sano. Kanryu says that their exchange will be complete on the count of three and that their deal will be official. Yahiko remembers what Kaoru and Tsubame told him and when Kanryu goes for the documents, Yahiko pulls them away. Kanryu sees this, and comments about how Yahiko is turning his back on that girl. Kanryu says that Yahiko doesn't want to get his hands dirty even if it means abandoning a childhood friend, and that Yahiko wishies to remain a noble samurai. Yahiko tells Kanryu to shut up, and states that he is not turning his back on her and will work off whatever she owes. Kanryu says that Yahiko is stupid and a child cannot, but Yahiko tells him that he will steal it if he has to and that he will get it no matter what he has to do. Yahiko states that Kanryu will not get the documents and that Kanryu will have to come and get it. Yahiko says that he will take Kanryu on, which Kanryu gets angry at Yahiko. Kenshin puts his hand on Yahiko's shoulder and says that they will talk later. Kenshin tells Kanryu that he has lost to a child, which Kanryu gets angry.

Inui breaks through the wall and says that Kanryu is wasting his time, and isn't this why he brought them here. Gein says that they are far from town and that it will be easy to cover up anything they do, and tosse a wounded child on the ground. Kenshin checks to see if he is alright and notices that the child is wearing the Maekawa Dojo's doji. Gein says that the child tried to seek refuge here, so her grabbed him, and also states that the child was already pretty beat up when he arrived. The Child says that someone has came and challenged the Maekawa Dojo.

Kaoru arrives at the Maekawa Dojo and that Udo is here. Udo says that Kaoru will be the Sacrifice. After hearing this from the child, Kenshin gets angry.

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