Stormy Winds is the seventh chapter of the Rurouni Kenshin: Restoration manga.

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Kaoru asks Udo if he had killed them all, which Udo tells her to be crazy and that his sword is to good to be used against fools playing around with bamboo sticks. Udo says that all he needed was his hand. Kaoru gets serious and take a stance, which Udo says that this is a surprise and says that Kaoru has a good form. Kaoru attacks with her Hanagare technique, which Udo says that its still just a stick and that his hands will be enough. Udo then says that he won't even need to use his hands and release some pressure that cause Kaoru to collapse. Kaoru wonders what this is, which Udo explains that he used the Shin no Ippo technique on her. As Kaoru lies on the floor and thinks that she can't move, Udo tells her that she is like a frog stared at by a snake, and states that its a realm and a truth that people like her could never reach. As Udo places his sword through the hole in his hand, he state that the sword is a weapon and that the art of the sword is the art of killing.

At the Kamiya dojo, the child tells Kenshin what happened at the Maekawa Dojo and what Udo had told him. Sano says that he will protect the dojo and Yahiko tells Kenshin to go. Kenshin says that he will leave the dojo to them and leave. Gein says that Kenshin is not going anywhere and chases after him. Sano tells Gein to stop jumping around, which Inui takes this chance to attack but Sano blocks the attack. Inui says that he heard about Sano and how his fist is Ichigeki Hikkai but then states that his fists are Zettai Fuwa. Inui says that their is a contradiction here and says that they should find out which one of them is stronger. Inui places his arms in some liquid, and introduces Muteki Tekko Inui Banjin. Inui asks if Sano is ready and charges. Sano says that he will take Inui on and says that their will be no hard feelings if he smashes Inui's fists. Sano thinks about how the Futae no Kiwami works and lands a blow on Inui's fist, but notices that something is wrong. Sano asks what that was, which Inui tells Sano to give it a go again. Sano attacks with the Futae no Kiwami again, but notices that the syrup-like metal is throwing off the timing of his force transfer and figures that he can't pull of the technique. Inui asks Sano what he thinks about his indestructible armor, and explains that its made from mercury and how nothing can destroy this soft metal. Inui says that its sucks that he can't use his hands when it hardens but its perfect for smashing things. Inui then starts to punch Sano multiple times.

As Kenshin and Gein are running across the building, the people notice and comment about it. As Gein chases after Kenshin, he thinks about how Kenshin is taking the shortest distance to his destination and prevents any possible harm to the town folks. Gein also thinks about how fast Kenshin is, and that he is no even able to catch up to him. Gein states that he sees why Kenshin is known as the Bakumatsu's legendary hitokiri, and that Kenshin is the perfect subjext for him to show off his skills on. Gein attacks with his Bakusatsu Saikoshi technique on Kenshin, but Kenshin easily counters the technique. As the two arrive at a shrine, Saito shows up and says that those two can definitely go crazy. Saito says that if Gein gets caught, then so will his employer. Kenshin says that he is counting on him and leaves. Saito notices that Kenshin has that old look again and wonders what's gotten into him. Gein says that he knows who Saito is and what he has been doing after the war. Gein says that he looked into everybody Kanryu gathered, and explains that Saito got close to Kanryu as a crooked sop to sniff around. As Gein says that Saito can't fool him, which Saito says that that was not bad for and ex-onmitsu Oniwa Banshu. Saito thinks about what the Onmitsu Oniwa Banshu are and what happened to them after the war. Saito says that he used to carry out some clandestine mission while he was in the shinsengumi, and that Gein can't fool him ether. Gein says that Saito is a notch below the legendary hitokiri and that he shall take Saito on with his ability. Gein introduces himself as ex-Onmitsu Oniwa Banshu "Kuroko", but now he is known as Gein, the artist of death. Gein attacks which Saito calls Gein a fool.

Back at the Kamiya Dojo, Kanryu hits Yahiko with his case of money and asks Yahiko if he now understands the power of money. Kanryu continues to hit Yahiko and says that Yahiko didn't know the weight of a stack of bills. Kanryu proclaim what the power money has over people's lives. As Kanryu hits Yahiko some more, Kanryu tells Yahiko to bow down to money. Kanryu smacks Yahiko into the Dojo, and proclaims that the winner is the great merchant Takeda Kanryu. Kanryu says that money is the ultimate weapon, but realizes that he should leave before Kenshin returns. Kanryu goes for the documents, but Yahiko says that Kanryu is not leaving. Kanryu says that Yahiko doens't know when to quit, and explains that a child can't beat an adult, especially without a weapon. Yahiko says that if money is Kanryu's weapon then this is his. Yahiko hold up a Shinai and says that its even now.

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