And Then, Another is the eighth chapter of the Rurouni Kenshin manga.


Spinning his huge zanbatō over his head, Sano prepares to finish off the strongest of the patriots. Kenshin, unfazed, uses the edged side of his sakabatō to cleave Sano's weapon in two; most of the weapon's blade falls to the ground.

Then, Kenshin uses a technique of the Hiten Mitsurugi-ryūRyūtsuisen, to strike at his opponent's head from high above. Sano takes the full brunt of the hit, and yet remains standing. Kenshin, impressed, declares that Sano is the first to take that attack and not fall. He then tells Sano to stay there while he goes to fetch a doctor.

Sano, unwilling to let the battle end this way, declares that he will die before he loses to an Ishin-shishi. Kenshin unexpectedly punches him in the face and reminds him that the Sekihōtai, Sano's former companions, were about fostering a new era, not killing the patriots. Sano protests, but is interrupted by Kaoru and Yahiko, who tell Sano not to judge Kenshin merely by his affiliation to the Ishin-shishi. Kenshin revelas to Sanosuke why he has been carrying a sakabatō: to help people in need and to make amends for the people he has killed.

Hearing this, Sano gives up fighting and, admitting his defeat to himself, finally collapses.

The next day, Kenshin, Kaoru and Yahiko meet Sano in front of the Akabeko as he is effortlessly knocking some thugs out of the place. He tells the three of them that he is renouncing his Zanza identity and that, to figure out if Kenshin is really different from the rest of the patriots with their "empty ideals", he is going to stick around. He then leaves the premises of the Akabeko without paying, as usual.


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