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Beshimi ( () (しみ) ?) was the dart throwing specialist of the Tokyo Oniwabanshū.


Beshimi is very short in stature, making characters such as Yahiko look tall when compared to him. He has dark brown hair styled into a fauxhawk. His eyes are large with slit-like pupils, making some characters refer to him as a "bug". He wears the standard shinobi outfit which is worn by typical Oniwabanshū members, with fingerless black gloves.


Beshimi is manipulative, as shown when talking to Megumi, and seems to underestimate his enemies. However, he cares for his comrades deeply as shown when he sacrificed himself to protect Shinomori Aoshi.



Beshimi is shown to have great precision when throwing darts, almost never missing a target, and even (though only in the anime) jamming a gatling gun with it.


Tokyo Arc[]

Beshimi is first seen in the gambling hall, where Sanosuke and Kenshin were spending free time, threatening Megumi and attacking two of Sanosuke's friends with darts. When he tries to attack Kenshin, however, the latter and Sanosuke punch Beshimi in the nose, breaking it and knocking him unconscious. The next day, Beshimi observes the deaths of two of Takeda Kanryū's men. While watching he notices Kenshin and Sanosuke and tries to attack them, only to be stopped by Kanryū who didn't want to cause a scene.

That night, when three Oniwabanshū members attack Kamiya Dojo to try and take back Megumi Beshimi tries to assassinate Megumi by shooting a poisoned dart at her from atop a tree, but the dart is blocked by Myōjin Yahiko, who stepped in the way. His plan having failed, Beshimi attempts to retreat but is knocked out with a sword strike from Kenshin. Han'nya picks him up and takes him back to Kanryū's mansion.

Beshimi is not seen again until he is shown resting in a room in Kanryū's mansion when he hears sounds of gunfire. He arrives at the scene as Hyottoko is killed and jumps up and attempts to fire a dart at Kanryū, but is shot several times before he has the chance and falls dead to the ground.

Development and Reception[]


  • Beshimi means "beshimi; noh mask with a slanted mouth, bulging eyes and large nostrils" (癋見).