• SRicher

    So CorbeauKarasu and LelouchDiBritannia have both been absent for months. Thus, I was thinking of making an adoption request for this wiki. Any comments?

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  • Tycio

    Nobuhiro Watsuki arrest

    December 1, 2017 by Tycio

    I can't help but wonder if this is a framejob. Did Watsuki say anything controversial and they don't want people listening to him come Olympics?

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  • Shiroiame

    OST Question

    February 26, 2017 by Shiroiame

    Hmm does anyone know what ost starts playing in episode 7 when Kenshin is quoting Hiko Seijuro's line about swordsmanship? I have been looking for ages and its impposible to find it.

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  • Highteeld

    My editing

    September 5, 2015 by Highteeld

    Does everybody here like what I am doing on this website?

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  • Battousai1864

    Removed an unneccsary apostrophe from a possessive "Its" in the article about the 2012 live action film.

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  • CorbeauKarasu

    All right. I'm CorbeauKarasu, the chief admin of this wikia (as of right now, the only active admin). I formally adopted this Rurouni Kenshin wikia in 2011 after seeing how very little had been done to complete and maintain it. After running the FMA wikia rather successfully for quite some time, I decided that this great franchise deserved a wikia site of high quality as well.

    Around last spring, my contributions to this site tapered off after a great many edits due to issues in my offline life and I felt discouraged as more and more pages with substandard format began popping up. But now I'm back to corral the exploding page count and set some guidelines. I am the admin and I don't think the guidelines I'm setting are unreasonable, but if …

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    Hello, I just recently finished all of Rurouni Kenshin and I wanted to share with everyone some facts and order to watch everything in. I'm a big fan because I watched Samurai X: Trust and Betrayal and Kenshin reminded me of me! So please enjoy my writing. And there may be typos, but if there is a incorrect comment, please tell me here or email me at

    So the entire series starts off with a movie, Samurai X: Trust and Betrayal. This starts off with a boy named Himura Shinta. He has no family (except a brother in law) and is now a lonely boy training in kendo (Way of the sword). A man becomes his master, Hiko Seijūrō XIII. H has him train in the Later on he meets a girl named Tomoe. He then has to run away with her becau…

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  • Coolquiorra

    A second thought

    October 7, 2012 by Coolquiorra

    I thought the Jinchu arc was not good compared to either of the two before it but after I skimmed over it again it's actually pretty good, so it ties with Kyoto which makes it above Tokyo and Meiji

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  • Coolquiorra

    Chapter Images

    October 6, 2012 by Coolquiorra

    Man, if there's any job on this wiki that isn't fun at all, it's uploading chapter images. After uploading around 80, I realized they were the wrong size, so I had to go back and change the thumbnail size. It's taken me a while, so I've been taking a break and fixing up some popular character pages to make the wiki look more professional. When I'm really bored again or someone asks me to, I'll go back to the grindstone and upload more chapter images... help...

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  • Coolquiorra

    The new OVA... sort've

    September 30, 2012 by Coolquiorra

    Just saw part 1 of Shin Kyoto Hen. I really love the animation and the character designs. The plot seems a little rushed but I guess you can't fit the whole Kyoto arc into two ~40 minute parts. I like how Usui challenged Shishio and died rather than Saito killing him, just because it can show their power difference and you get a cool line from Shishio. The scene with Shishio and Yumi (if you've seen it you know which one I'm talking about) was pretty unexpected, but I have no complaints because it was heavily implied in the original RK anyway. Planning to watch part 2 today hopefully. --Coolquiorra (talk) 21:44, September 30, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Coolquiorra


    September 29, 2012 by Coolquiorra

    After much thought, I realized Enishi and teen Yahiko were the only really good things about the Jinchu arc, so my new favorite arc is the Kyoto arc. My hierarchy is now Kyoto>Tokyo>Jinchu. It just feels more like a large scale conflict and a true end to Kenshin, while the Jinchu arc is only there to tie up loose ends and have Enishi, it's a personal conflict that I consider a post-Kenshin story. Enishi will always be my favorite character, though.

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  • BlitzWarp

    The idea for this is after the end of Samurai X Reflections. Kenji wields the Sakaboto, & is the assiant master of the Kamiya Dojo, while Yahiko is the master & reverts back to using a wooden sword. Since the death of Kenshin, Misao, Aoshi, Hiko Seijuro XIII, Megumi, Saito, & Sanosuke appeared at the Kamiya dojo for Kenshin's furneal.

    After the furneal, Kaoru soon follow & everyone weeps once again. Sanosuke stayed hidden in the dojo cause he's still maybe wanted. Megumi worked at the local clinic, Aoshi & Misao stay at the dojo as guests, Saito leaves once again. Hiko Seijuro made pots & sold them in town & bought some sake & pour it on Kenshin's grave like he did in Samurai X Trust & Betrayal. Yahiko stayed on as the master of the dojo & …

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  • Kailash Jayachandran


    October 7, 2011 by Kailash Jayachandran

    i am new here and i would like to know the system of this wiki please

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  • KenSano

    Wikia Pages

    August 2, 2011 by KenSano

    There are several pages that still need to be created and they also need grammar correction. I've been watching the series and reading the manga all over again in order to find the pages that are missing and I have a list with some of those pages:

    (*there are spoilers in the descriptions*)

    - Aoiya
    - Shirojou (one of the shinobi that live in the Aoiya)
    - Kurojou (one of the shinobi that live in the Aoiya)
    - Omime (one of the shinobi that live in the Aoiya)
    - Masugami (one of the shinobi that live in the Aoiya)
    - Aritomo Yamagata
    - Sekihara Sae
    - Geezer (manga only, the man who helps kenshin recover after he goes into a depression thinking kaoru was murdered; Yukishiro Enishi/Tomoe's father)
    - Yutaro
    - Sagara Sozo (former leader of the Sekihotai)
    - Seki…

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  • Crocbattle07

    Ruroni Kenshin

    June 21, 2011 by Crocbattle07

    This wikia needs a lot a help. the pages are half done and there are charecters missing. Who ever help build the Black Cat wikia and need something to do, come to this wikia.

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  • Dragonblaze-052


    September 24, 2010 by Dragonblaze-052

    Why is it you believe you should be admin? I am a few day newer than you and I have made a larger contribution than you. I have added several new pages already. I do believe we should get some local admins in here. Perhaps we should each throw our name in the hat :) Wad'ya think? Dragonblaze-052 03:25, September 24, 2010 (UTC)

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