Fudōsawa is a failed sumo wrestler and the nephew of ex-ishin shishi-turned-politician Tani Jūsanrō. After failing to make a solid name for himself in the wrestling world despite his monstrous strength and brutal nature as well as the influence of his uncle, Fudōsawa turned his sights to crime and became a yakuza boss in rural Shinshū. Gathering a force of two hundred thugs, Fudōsawa set his sights on a small town in the area that was famous for its silk production. With his forces and Tani at his back, he expected to control the area and grow his organization by putting a stranglehold on the silk trade. However, he came into conflict with a stubborn resident named Higashidani Kamishimoemon. Caught between Higashidani's opposition and the legal attention he would incur if he had Higashidani murdered, Fudōsawa instead opts to bring outside help into the matter, first turning to the Hiruma brothers (Kihei and Gohei) and then approaching the fighter-for-hire Zanza. Unfortunately for Fudōsawa, Zanza turns out to be Kamishimoemon's prodigal eldest son, Sanosuke.

When all his methods fail, Fudōsawa calls Tani to Shinshū, where the Tokyo politician threatens Higashidani with severe legal action if he continues to cause a fuss. However, Tani finds himself at a loss when he recognizes Sanosuke as an associate of Himura Kenshin. Afraid that Himura's attention will ultimately mean the failure of his nephew's endeavors in Shinshū and the demolition of his own political career in Tokyo, Tani advises Fudōsawa to forego negotiations and wipe out Higashidani by force before Battosai can become involved.

Fudōsawa gathers his men and marches on the Higashidani family's farm, but is met on the way by Zanza, who engages the yakuza boss in single combat. After shrugging off Fudōsawa's infamous face-crushing "Ogre Slap", Zanza delivers a left hook that breaks six of the wrestler's ribs. Though Fudōsawa attempts to hide from his opponent behind a boulder, Zanza merely punches his target through the rock, crushing the stone to dust and incapacitating the yakuza boss altogether. Afterwards, Zanza annihilates Fudōsawa's army and beats up Tani Jūsanrō in his mansion before leaving town.


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