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Hadan Senbu is a battle style that is used by Ono Tomitaka of the Kenkaku Heiki.


Hadan Senbu is a battle style that is used to deliver powerful swing of the axe. This style also has a defensive stance that allows the user to diverts attack to wait for an opening to attack with. If the users weapon is destroyed in battle, the user can use a technique that allows their hand to imitate and ax, that is able split steel.

The users of this battle style, wield a small spear the size of a tanto, that is disguised katana with an ax head attached to the hilt. The hilt is the sheath to the spear, and the user wields the weapon holding the spear's shaft, that looks like a sword sheath.


  • Defensive Axe Stance: Judgement: With his knees crouched, Ono holds his weapon behind himself with his right hand and his left hand extended forward with his palm facing his opponent. Ono uses his left hand to divert all of his opponent's attacks while waiting for an opening. Once an opening shows up, Ono swings his axe at his opponent, which is capable of sending an person like Sanosuke flying.
  • Battle-Axe Stance: Break: Ono crouches his knees, which his right knee forward. Ono then holds his axe above his head, with his right hand holding the sheath of his axe while his left hand holding the hilt of his attack. Ono then charges forward and swings his axe down.
  • Splitting Axe Fist: A technique that allows Ono to split steel by bending his wrist and digging his fingers in until they are all equal in length. If order to acquire this technique, Ono had to strike iron sand about 100,000 time.

Known Practitioners[]