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Saitō performing Hirazuki

Hidari Katate Hirazuki is a sword strike developed by Hijikata Toshizō and used to great success by the members of the Shinsengumi during the bakumatsu. Its simple but effective execution led it to becoming the basis for other swordsmen's special styles such as Okita Sōji's Mumyo-ken and Saitō Hajime's Gatotsu.


Strategic genius Hijikata Toshizō's Hirazuki is a versatile stance which begins with the user holding his katana parallel to the ground and up near the shoulder. From this position, a quick, powerful and extensive thrust can be initiated and then, if necessary, altered to form a sideways slash. This makes the Hirazuki quite versatile in combat. It is said it can rival Okita's sandanzuki (three way thrust) while being used. 

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