Isurugi Raijūta is the leader and founder of the Shinko-ryū "school" of kenjutsu - an organization whose purpose is to revitalize Japanese kenjutsu through force. Having conned his way into the good graces of the wealthy Tsukayama family, Raijūta seeks to fund his organization and crush anyone who stands in his way.


Raijūta is a tall and muscular man with defined facial features. He has short spiky brown hair, black eyes, and thick brown eyebrows. He wears a purple shirt under a dark green haori with reddish fur on the shoulder area, brown pants tucked into blue-green shin guards which are connected to sandals, and blue-green vambraces.


Raijūta is cocky and self-glorifying. He desires to impose fear on others to make himself feel more powerful. While he is not a bad swordsman by any means, his greatest weakness is his fear of killing others, deciding instead to knock them out or give them near-irreversible injuries.


  • Shinko-ryū
  • Tsukayama Yuzaemon
  • Tsukayama Yutarō : his former student whom he betrayed


Being a leader of his own group of followers, Raijūta has a fair amount of skill, but his immensely bloated ego and overconfidence in his abilities only make a mockery of himself. Using the initial form of his "Izuna" technique, he can snap other shinai and leave a slash-like indentation on the floor at the same time, which Kenshin speculates is powerful enough to snap even diamond if used with a real sword. However, because he is so much slower than Kenshin, dodging this attack proves to be nothing to him, and he is forced to unveil his ace, the Tobi Izuna - which swings in mid-air with a greater arc and produces a wind-blade which can cause amputation if not dodged.

Even with both these attacks however, Kenshin still makes a laughingstock of him using only his left arm for a Hiryūsen attack, defeating him with but a single blow. All in all, he is all talk and boasts no notable strength in comparison to Kenshin's previous enemies, such as Udo Jin-e and Shinomori Aoshi. Later on, Saitō Hajime states that for Kenshin to receive even a single cut from a "fool" like Raijūta, proved how weak he had gotten as a Rurouni.


A warrior fighting against the pacification of Japan, Raijūta attempts to build an army of the most powerful bandits to rebel against the new Japanese government. He saves Yutarō, a child of a rich family, in order to acquire the resources to build his army.

Raijūta's fighting style Shinko Ryū has the ability to create a long distance attack that travels through the air with the force of his Katana. This attack injures Yutarō's arm to an extent the nerves are permanently damaged. Raijūta and his plot of rebellion are defeated by Kenshin which left him horrible realized for ruined his student's dreams.

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