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The Izuna is an unblockable sword technique that was mastered by Isurugi Raijuta.


The Izuna is a technique that creates a vacuum between two layers of air while the user swings their sword. While using a shinai, the user is able to snap other shinai and leave a slash-like indentation on the floor at the same time. It is also speculated that the technique is powerful enough to snap even diamond if the user uses a real sword.

The Izuna has a more advanced technique, which the user is able to launch a wind-blade capable of causing immediate amputation if not dodged. When this technique is fully mastered, the user is able to send multiple flying slashes at once.

Derivative Techniques[]

  • Matoi Izuna - A regular swing within the Izuna technique. The user swings his sword so fast that it creates a vacuum around the sword and causes that vanishing of the blade like a summer mirage.
  • Tobi Izuna - A flying slash within the Izuna technique. The user swings his sword and launches a vacuum slash that can't be blocked. Raijuta has mastered this technique enough to launch multiple slash at once.


The Izuna was mastered by Isurugi Raijuta, who was able to master it in 10 years after researching it from ancient scrolls.


  • The Izuna has also been called the Kama Itachi, both of with are named from the spirit of the wind.