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Nagakura Shinpachi is the former captain of the second squad of the Shinsengumi. After the fall of the Bakumetsu, Shinpachi went on to become the kendo master of the Kabato Prison in Hokkaido.


Nagakura Shinpachi has short hair that is combed upwards, the top of head has white hair while the sides are black. Shinpachi has thick eyebrows that split towards his ears. Shinpachi has wrinkles on his forehead, around his eyes, cheeks, and mouth. Shinpachi also has a thin goatee.

Nagakura Shinpachi wears a men's kimono, with a flower pattern umanori hakama, zori and white tabi. Shinpachi also wears a strawhat, black gloves, and carries two swords on his weist.


Nagakura Shinpachi has a relaxed personality. Shinpachi has show to be a friendly individual, and even wants to make friend with old enemies, like Kenshin. Shinpachi is also a tactical person, as he was able to set up a network through out japan to track Sojiro and even tried to get the Kenkaku Heiki to stop their combat experiments by having join up with government. After the fall of the Bakumetsu, Shinpachi says that he is no longer a wolf who slays evil immediately, and believes that he is more like a tanuki then a dog. Shinpachi also believes that their are no longer any samurai during the Meiji Era.


  • Saito Hajime: Shinpachi and Saito are comrades that were members of the Shinsengumi.
  • Kenshin Himura: Shinpachi and Kenshin were enemies during the bakumetsu, but afterwards Shinpachi is friendly towards Kenshin and thinks how him as a comrade who survived the bakumatsu.
  • Shinsengumi: Served as the captain of the second squad. He was among the best swordsmen of the group with Okita Souji and Saito Hajime.


As a kendo master and was a former unit commander to the shinsengumi, Shinpachi is an extremely powerful combatant. Shinpachi is so skilled that he was not only able to avoid Sojiro attack while being three steps short of Shukuchi, but he was able to catch Sojiro when he was two steps short of Shukuchi. Shinpachi focus of fighting, is to catch his opponent's black and then suppressing their center of gravity, before striking them down.


Hokkaido Arc[]

When the Kenkaku Heiki attack the Kabato Prison, Shinpachi has already left with Anji to head towards Hakodate. Along the way, the two stop at a tea shop that is being held up by a thief. Shinpachi tells the thief to stop his foolish behavior, and then orders the shops seasonal special. As the girl that the thief is holding hostage calls for the samurai for help, Shinpachi replies that their are no more samurai with in the Meiji era. When Sojiro arrives, Shinpachi confronts him and asks him to join him to Hakodate. As Shinpachi explains how he had set up a network to track Sojiro, which Sojiro responds by borrowing the Wakizashi from the thief and heads outside. Shinpachi follows Sojiro and prepares to confront him. As Sojiro attacks, Shinpachi manages to block the attack. Sojiro continues to attack, but Shinpachi easily manages to dodge all of Sojiro's attack. Sojiro comments about how good Shinpachi is and figures that he must be from the Bakumetsu, which Shinpachi replies that this is the Meiji era. Sojiro then attack with two step short of his Shukuchi, but Shinpachi is able to catch Sojiro with his San Rendou Sa technique. As Shinpachi prepares to complete his technique, but Anji steps in and stops the fight. As Anji convinces Sojiro to join them, Shinpachi comments about how his way was not effective and heads into the shop. As the thief surrenders, the shop keeper reveals that the thief is a wanted man. Shinpachi and the others then tie up the thief, and heads towards Hakodate once again.

Days later, Shinpachi and the others arrive at the Hekketsuhi memorial and meets with the ones that have already arrived their. After taking off his hat, Kenshin is surprised that Shinpachi is still alive. Kenshin reveals who Shinpachi is to the others and how he was one of the strongest member of the Shinsengumi. Shinpachi then comments about how he, Saito, and Kenshin are survivors of the Ikedaya Incident and how its fate that lead them to meet here again, which Shinpachi is surprised when the other two reveal that they were not involved in that incident. Shinpachi simply laughs it off and comments about how he is just glad to be alive. Shinpachi also tells them that they should be good friends and that they should say a few words for them. After Saito and Kenshin say how they are going to rely on each other to defeat the Kenkaku Heiki, the group then leaves the site.

Later that night, Shinpachi, Kenshin, and Saito come back to the Hekketsuhi memorial to eat and talk. As Shinpachi comments about how he knew that Kenshin was at the Ikedaya Incident, but is forced to drop it when Kenshin forces him to. Shinpachi then comments about how Saito doesn't have a sword, which Saito reveals that he doesn't have anymore sword and that he won't adapt quickly enough if he has a new one created. Shinpachi turns his attention to Kenshin's Sakabato and wants to see it, but Kenshin refuses. Saito tells them that its time to leave, which the group clean up the place and also prey to the memorial before heading back.

The next day, Shinpachi is with Mishima Eiji when Kenshin and Sano arrive. Sano asks about the box that Shinpachi had, which Shinpachi reveals that its a coat with the Shinsengumi design on the inside. As the others arrive, Eiji gets angry when Sojiro arrive and points his gun at Sojiro. As Anji forces Sojiro to bow his head to the floor, Shinpachi lower Eiji's gun and comments how killing Sojiro while he is bowing is now what an officer or warrior would do. Saito tells Eiji that he can join them or not, and tells the others that they are leaving. As Kenshin was to help Eiji to decide, Shinpachi stops him and tells him that its a decision that Eiji will have to make on his own. Shinpachi then leaves with the other to meet with Itekura.

Once they all arrive at Itekura's cell, Shinpachi watches as Itekura fights with Kenshin while answering their questions. After a while, Shinpachi enters the cell and asks if the Kenkaku Heiki would join the government since their goals are the same. Itekura declines the offer and explains why they are committing their combat experiments. Suddenly Itekura comments about how Eiiji look is exactly what they are looking for, which Shinpachi is shocked by Eiji's arrival and firing a rifle. As Eiji has shot at Itekura, Shinpachi comments about how the persuasion back at the barracks worked. Shinpachi then watches as the interrogation continues, which Shinpachi is shocked when Itekura reveals that two combat experiments will happen at the same time when Itekura is about to fall unconscious from Kenshin's attack.

After the interrogation is over, Shinpachi heads back to the barrocks with Saito to discuss what they found out, how the government won't send back up or funds, and what their next move will be. It is decided that Shinpachi, Saito, and Eiji would deal with the combat experiment in Sapporo.

Later, Shinpachi arrives in Sapporo with Saito and Eiji. As the three discuss the town, they comes across a murder scene, and are informed about what happened. After finding out, they head to the Prefectural offices, where they are informed about the situation happening in Sapporo. Shinpachi and Saito ignore Ijikawa, and decide to use an official as bait and escort him around. Shinpachi and Saito, then leave.

Later at the Horozuya Ryokan Inn, Shinpachi and Saito inform Eiji about the Shinsengumi and how it fell apart. The next day, Shinpachi wakes up from remembering the past and gets dressed, when Eiji arrive and informs him that they an official to act as bait. They arrive at the offices, which Ijikawa introduces them to Abe, who will act as bait, which Shinpachi and Saito are shocked to see him. Later, they are escorting Abe when Saito asks why Abe is doing this. Shinpachi is listening, when Abe explains what happened to him and how he wants to see the Shinsengumi be defeated.

The next day, Shinpachi and the others are yelled at by Ijikawa, because his friends were killed last night. Afterwards they leave to another room, where Shinpachi and Saito discuss what the Kenkaku Heiki are planning. After the others leave, Shinpachi calls out to someone who was hiding. Shinpachi meets with Shio Kanou, who takes him to the Kara Futo-rou. Shinpachi and Shio discuss how Shio doesn't want to meet with Saito, what happened to Shio and Abe after the Goryo-eji's defeat, and how they became officials in the government. When Goro Meano arrives, Shinpachi recognize him and is glad to see him. Shio explains what Goro has done with his life, which Shinpachi explains how Goro is the most honorable among them. When Goro tells them that he will have women brought to them, Shinpachi declines since they have work to discuss.

The next day, Shinpachi is discussing the mole situation and comments about how he believes that their is no mole. Shinpachi also mentions how the decoy plan is not working since the officials are taking the order lightly and still heading out at night. Later, Shinpachi examines a blood trail and decides to follow the trail to Hyoube with Saito. As Hyoube is about to attack Smith, Shinpachi and Saito arrive and stop his attack. Shinpachi notices how big Hyoube is and that he is wielding two swords, and mentions how Hyoube reminds him of Takeo. Shinpachi also mentions how it took three of them to take Takeo down.

As Hyoube uses his Crimsonwool: Ruthless Crested Sphere technique, Shinpachi advises the soldiers behind him to take a few hundred steps back. As Hyoube attacks, Shinpachi, along with Saito, manages to dodge Hyoube's attack. Shinpachi tells Saito that he will stop Hyoube's movements. and then Saito will strike with his Gatotsu. As Saito prepares his attacks, Shinpachi goes and stops Hyoube's movement by catching both of Hyoube's swords and suppressing his center of gravity. Saito strikes but fails to kill Hyoube, which Shinpachi and Saito quickly dodge Hyoube's counterattack. As Hyoube proclaims himself as the god of death, Shinpachi and everyone else is surprised when Abe appears on Hyoube's shoulders and shoots Hyoube. Shinpachi then watches as Abe takes on Hyoube, and comments about how strong Abe is. After Abe manages to shoot Hyoube, Shinpachi listens as Abe proclaims that he will kill Hyoube, and that the Goryo-Eji will be victorious. Shinpachi continues to watch the fight, and comments about how stronger Abe has gotten. When Hyoube wounds Abe's arms, Shinpachi tries to help Abe but Abe tells him to not interfere. As Saito forces Abe to back away, Shinpachi reminds him what Hattori told him before he died, and explains how Abe has people to live for. Abe tries to argue, but Shinpachi tells Abe to shape up or he will get mad. Shinpachi then explains that the Shinsengumi fully know what the Goryo-Eji's strength is, since they faced off against Hattori, and then tells Saito that he will face off against Hyoube since it would waste for two members of the Shinsengumi to face him.